Bruce Macdonald Memorial Masters 2023

Dates: 4th /5th November

Venue: Park Island, Napier​​​​​​​

Grades: Over 35 Men / Over 25 Women

Registrations: CLOSED 

Cost: $400 Per Team 

Squad Sizes: 18 Players Per Team Total (not per day)



1. Over 35’s Men – Players need to be 35 years of age minimum on or prior to the 4th November 2023.

2. Over 25’s Women – Players need to be 25 years of age minimum on or prior to 6th November 2023

3. Any eligibility dispensation for these competitions will be at the discretion of tournament organisers and in the spirit of the event.

        2. TEAM SQUAD

The maximum amount of players in a squad is 18. 

        3. TEAM LIST            

      A team list must be supplied at, or prior to, Friday 3rd November 2023. This will include players full names, date of birth, phone and email. The team shall be limited to 18 players maximum. The team list is mandatory and forms part of our contact tracing for the event. Spot checks for ID may be requested.

* An online squad form will be sent to each team manager for completion.      

       4. SUBSTITUES

     All 18 squad members will be allowed on the team card (seven substitutes). All seven can be used. Subs are rolling.


All protests in connection with the tournament must be received by Tournament Management within 30 minutes of the conclusion of the match in which the dispute has arisen.

       6. MATCHES         

 1.            a)   All matches shall be 20 minutes each way

                b)  Team cards will be provided to teams. These are to be filled out prior to each match. Following the game, sign these with your opposition and referee and return to event management. 

                c)  Designated home team to supply match ball for each game

                d)i  Men’s Competition

  • Four Pools of 3 teams
  • Round Robin Pool Play (3 games)
  • Top 2 from each pool into quarter finals, semis, final, 3rd place play off, 5th place play off and 7th place play off.
  • Bottom 2 from each pool into games to determine 9th - 16th placings
  • All teams get 6 matches 

                d)ii Women’s Competition

  • Three Pools of 4 teams
  • Round Robin Pool Play (3 games)
  • Top 2 from each pool plus two best 3rd place sides make the top 8.
  • Top eight into quarter finals, semis, final, 3rd place play off, 5th place play off and 7th place play off
  • Fourth place sides from pool play plus bottom 3rd place side enter new round robin (no points carry over) to determine 9th - 12th) 
  • All teams 6 games. 

e)  Three points will be awarded for a win, one for a draw and none for a loss.  

f)  If teams are level on points at the end of section play, goal difference will apply. If teams are still level, the highest goal scorer will qualify. If teams are still level the score of the match between the two equal sides (if applicable) will determine the placing. If teams are still level a coin toss will determine the placing.

If after applying the above criteria any two or more clubs are still equal, then a one-off penalty shoot-out will take place. 

g)  Best of three penalty shoot outs apply to all 9th -16th place knockout games and Top 8 quarter finals (if required).

h) Best of five penalty shoot outs apply for Semis and Finals (if required)

       7. REFEREES

Referees will be supplied and appointed by Central Football


Just about “All” FIFA Laws of the game are written for the professional game. With that in mind the Bruce Macdonald Masters Tournament would like to make the following ruling with respect to player’s equipment


  • Common sense shall be used in the wearing of undergarments and goal-keeper colours. 
  • All should be concerned on player safety in all cases. 

Playing Kits:

  • All teams should be in matching, numbered playing kit
  • Teams that have home and away kits are encouraged to bring them but are not compulsory given the nature of the tournament
  • If teams do not have an alternative kit and there is a clash, Bibs will need to be worn by the away team. 
  • Teams without a second kit must bring enough matching coloured bibs for their squad. ​​​​​​​

       9. DISCIPLINE                  

Games are controlled by NZF Referees in liaison with Tournament Management. 

  • Temporary Dismissals for Dissent will be used at this tournament. If a player is issued a yellow card for dissent by a referee, that player will have to leave the field for 5 minutes and can’t be replaced during this time.
  • If a player receives two yellow cards, including one for dissent, that will be deemed as two yellow and a sending off. 
  • If a player is shown a red card for violent conduct or offensive, insulting or abusive language and / or gesture then a suspension will take place. Length of suspension to be determined by Event Management.
  • If a player is shown two red cards for violent conduct or offensive, insulting or abusive language and / or gesture they will be suspended for the remainder of the tournament and shall take no further part

All teams/personnel are expected to abide by the NZ Football Code of Conduct.


Bruce Macdonald passed away in January 2017. West Ham born Bruce coached and contributed to football in England and America before immigrating to New Zealand where he coached at a high level in Christchurch, Dunedin and Palmerston North. Bruce settled in Hawke’s Bay in the early 90’s where he lived until shortly before his passing. But it was in the Masters side of football that Bruce made his most impact, as both a player and coach but mostly an administrator/manager. Over the years he served as the Chef De Mission for the NZ Senior International Football team taking the squad to the Masters World Cup Thailand in 2009 and 2010, where they were semi-finalists. Bruce also impacted on Futsal being a Coach/Manager of Masters and Youth Futsal teams as well as serving as the Coordinator for the NZ Masters Futsal Team. Bruce was also the Director of the NZ Games (formerly Hawke’s Bay Masters Games) for 15 years. Outside of his many notable achievements Bruce will also always be remembered for his kindness collecting and sending kits and boots to displaced people in Nepal and poverty stricken areas in South Africa.  In recognition of his enormous contributions Bruce was awarded the Goodwill Ambassadors Award at the 2000 Masters games in Thailand and in 2015 the William Bridge Award for Services to Masters Football.