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Why become a referee

1. Football needs you
The Laws of the Game insist on there being a referee present. Referees are vital to the current and future health of the game.

2. Fitness
A successful referee does need to be fit and can lead you to a healthier way of life.

3. Personal Development
This hobby helps to develop personal skills that are of value in all walks of life.

4. Social Aspects
Referees meet every Monday and offers opportunities to socialise with colleagues, discuss points and take part in additional training.

5. Give Something Back
Refereeing offers players, at the end of their playing days, the opportunity to continue in the sport.

6. Ambition
There are many local and state competitions / leagues to which referees can aspire. FIFA accepts officials until the age of 45.

7. Interesting Hobby
Each Match is a constantly changing challenge of your abilities and offers you a high level of personal satisfaction.

8. Travel Opportunities
Within the first few years a referee will see far more of the local area than non-sporting friends. Further success could mean travel throughout the area, region and for the few, international travel.

9. Life long Interest.
Refereeing can offer a longer career than playing. After then there are opportunities as Assessors and Inspectors


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12 November
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