Football in schools

Football in Schools

Football in Schools is one of many products that Central Football offers to the wider community.

As part of the “Whole of Football Plan” introduced by New Zealand Football in 2011 our aim is to give primary and intermediate school children increased opportunities to play football in their school setting. Central Football Development Officers offer and deliver these products throughout the regions.

These products range from a 3-5 week Football Literacy Programme. These sessions are delivered once a week and introduce the players to the game of football through fun and imaginative games and activities.

Our Let’s Play programme is offered alongside the senior students of the school who are encouraged and supported to lead fun informal games during play-times and lunch times. This programme encourages the development of the player whilst supporting the older students in personal development, leadership and responsibility.

Football Festivals are a fantastic way to introduce or wind up a term of football. Lot’s of mini games played in a fun, friendly environment where enjoyment and friendship are the keys to success. A great way to show off all the skills learnt over the Literacy Programme.

If you are interested in any of the above opportunities please click on the appropriate information below:kids-soccer-school

Gisborne: Blake Mulrooney

Hawkes Bay: Leon Birnie

Manawatu: Barry Scullion

Taranaki: Matt Kilsby

Wanganui: Symon King